Mycotoxin Profiling

Mycotoxin Profiling

Mycotoxins, Ochratoxin and Fumonisins are naturally-occurring toxins that are produced by some species of fungi and are one of the most dangerous compounds produced in nature. Agricultural products like Cannabis have the potential to harbour mycotoxin-producing fungi such as Aspergillus.

Cannabis Mycotoxin Screenings


Plant matter, including marijuana, are ideal breeding grounds of many types microbials such as bacteria and molds.  Many of the mold species are capable of creating compounds that are known for causing certain diseases and cancers-mycotoxins.  Patients that are experiencing immune system impairments are at high risk from mycotoxin contaminated products.

The major groups of mycotoxins include: Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin, Citrinin, Ergot, Patulin and Fusarim. Aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin B2, aflatoxin G1, aflatoxin G2 and ochratoxin A are the most commonly regulated. Check with your state for which mycotoxins are required to be tested and what their maximum permitted levels are.

Depending on the application and detection level needed a laboratory could use an HPLC instruments or a Fluorometer to measure mycotoxins in cannabis